Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Bradlee was Woody this year. I packed our week so full of activities that I didn't get any other pictures than these. Bradlee was dressed up almost every day the week of halloween. I think he had a good time, though. I, however, am so glad that this holiday is over. Right now I am excited for snow and Christmas, but I am sure I will change my mind by the time December gets here.

Disneyland Trip #4

This picture just about sums up our trip to Disneyland. We were exhausted! (but in a good way) It was so much fun to spend a week at our favorite place to vacation. These pictures are not in order at all, but I am too lazy to do anything about it.

On the train with Daddy

The cutest action figure ever

We LOVE everything about Walt Disney and his fabulous park!


Meeting Buzz Lightyear was a highlight of our trip. Bradlee was extremely excited.

We stood in quite the line to meet the fairies at pixie hollow, but we are sure glad we did. Bradlee watched the new Tinker Bell movie right before our trip, so he was pretty excited to meet Silvermist, Vidia and Tinker Bell.

Our Little "BUG" Family

Bradlee really likes the ride Splash Mountain, as well as the story of Brier Bear and Brier Fox. Meeting them was very exciting as well.


Bradlee and Josh love to sit by the drop on the bear river run ride. You can get soaked by waiting there for the rafts to come down. Since Bradlee is still too short for that ride, this is how we compromise. This day at the park was about 90 degrees, so getting wet was well worth it. Even mom got pretty wet.

Bradlee loves Mulan more than any other character. He could watch the movies all day. I found out when Mulan would be there and we booked it over to her. Luckily, she did not have too many fans that day, so Bradlee got to have a good conversation with her. He even gave her two kisses on the cheek.

Before we went to our first day at the park. Can you tell that he is SOOOO excited?



Jessie and Woody

It's a Small World ride

And our family photo. We have been to Disneyland four times and never gotten a picture in this spot. I am so glad we did this time.

Bradlee Turned 4!

We love this guy to death! Bradlee is the sweetest kid ever. I can't believe he is already 4. In his four years of me taking pictures daily, he has become quite the little model.