Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Party

Today a group of us ladies from the village got together and had a little Christmas party. It was SO much fun and I got to host it at my house. The kids drew names and got to spend $1.00 on the friend that they drew. It was great to see how excited they all were for their presents. I am so grateful for my friends. I don't know what I would do without them. I love you all! Thanks for a fun day.

Now you can steal the pictures or I will email them to you. ( I am sad that Sam wouldn't be in the picture. Laura-I need that picture of Sam and I from you)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The holidays are here and I am loving the snow. (Except for driving in it) We went to temple square with Josh's brother and had a good time, even though it was freezing out and very crowded.


Bradlee will be going in to Primary in January. I am a little nervous because I am in the presidency, but we have been bringing the kids in for singing time the last few weeks and he does very well. We are practicing a song to sing at the ward Christmas party and after two weeks, Bradlee knows all the words and can sing it too. It is so cute and makes me teary eyed every time.

Jurassic Fart

Bradlee loves this youtube video. His Grandpa Turner introduced him to it and he asks everyday to see "the fart" show. It is so funny to see him laugh while he watches it.

If we pass gas, he says "did you fart like a dinosaur?" It is really funny.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


We were a little nervous when we went to the dentist because it was Bradlee's first time, but he surprised us! He loved it. The hygienist was awesome and the dentist was proud of all of us having no cavities. Bradlee got his teeth counted and polished, then he got a new Tigger toothbrush and a toy from the treasure chest. It was a great trip to the dentist.
A little nervous before being looked at

Having his teeth "tickled" and laughing the whole time

All clean and happy


Better late than never. We enjoyed fall and spending many days outside with our "village" friends. Isn't Bradlee so cute?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Our Pickle Obsession

I LOVE pickles. I drink the juice from the jar before I dive in. I knew that Bradlee loved eating pickles just about as much as I did, but today he saw me drinking the juice from the jar and decided that he wanted some too. That is awesome and I am so proud!

After Josh got his I pod touch, we decided to put Bradlee's music and movies on the Zune. Bradlee loves watching his movies on it and the other day he spent about an hour sitting in his chair, watching a movie on the zune.
Thanks to the miscarriage, I experienced another MS attack at the beginning of the month. Since it was messing with my vision, I got to have three days of I.V. steroids. This is not a good picture, but it shows the big, comfy chair that I relaxed in for an hour each day. Yay for modern medicine, because by day three, my vision was back to normal and I have so much more energy than I have had in a long time.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

We had such a great night with our friends, the Bennetts, on Saturday night. We went to see Ice Age at the drive-in and Bradlee was in heaven with his girls. They are the cutest triplets in the world.
Bradlee thought it was fun to copy me by sticking his head out the window.
I love the pickles that they sell at the drive-in and Bradlee has decided that it is one of his favorite treats too.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Josh had this week off of work, so we did some fun things while we had him. We went to the zoo and Cherry Hill, had a BBQ with our friends, the Bennetts, and are going to the drive-in tonight. Josh and I ran the 1oK for the 24th. I definitely needed to train better, but things have been crazy lately. I had a miscarriage at the beggining of the month and this last part of the month I have been struggling with some eye problems from the MS. I am so glad that Josh was home this week to take care of me.

Bradlee looking for the Fosa in the Madagascar exhibit at the zoo.

My little model

The other day my friends invited us to ride down to liberty park with them. The kids played in the water. Bradlee had a great day with his friends.

For the 4th of July we spent the weekend in Morgan Utah at Josh's brother house. We camped in their backyard and had a really fun time.

Josh ran in the 5K that they were having in Morgan. Bradlee and I got up early to sit out front and watch daddy run by.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just The Same Old Stuff

We have really not been up to much lately, but it has been awhile since I have posted. We go to the zoo and This is the Place often, thanks to our memberships. The other day Bradlee would not let me take pictures of him, so I bribed him with a cookie. I got some really cute shots of him on the couch. Later that day he told me, "take a picture of me so that I can have a cookie." I took him outside and got some even better pictures of him. Apparently the bribery works.

Josh was running the Ogden Marathon again this year, so we signed Bradlee up for the Kids K. He was very excited when we got there, but after waiting over two hours for his race to start, he wasn't so thrilled to run. I pretty much ran while dragging him behind me. Therefore, there will be no pictures of us running the race, because he was bawling in them all. This picture of him before the race is very cute though.

We went to Baby Animal Days at This is the Place over memorial weekend. It was really fun and Bradlee loved the baby goats. They had a ton of activities for the kids. Bradlee got to color a wooden snake, get an arrowhead necklace, find beads in the sand and then put them on string and he learned how to print on leather. The all time favorite for Bradlee is the little train. He would ride that thing all day if he could.

That is about all the fun we have been able to have. Josh is not taking any classes this semester, so we have been enjoying him being at home. I started taking Clomid for my infertility and I hope that it works because I don't want to have to take it another month. Not the funnest medication I have ever taken, but if it gives us a baby or two I will be happy.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Random Fun
For Easter we had fun dying our eggs and then rolling them down the cement hill. Bradlee also enjoyed finding all of the eggs hidden around the apartment.

On Saturday we did the MS walk in Salt Lake City. It was really fun and I had a really good team. After the walk the Turner family went to the zoo. Bradlee had a good time with all of his cousins.

Update time

I think that it is about time to update. I kindof just skipped right over spring break so we will start there. We decided to go back to Disneyland because Bradlee had such a fun time when we
went in December. He had a great time again!!
Bradlee loved meeting Captain Hook. Peter Pan is his favorite Disney movie right now.

Chip (or Dale) was very cute. He rubbed his head against Bradlee's face and it was so cute.

Bradlee really enjoyed the rides that let you "fly".

It's a small world was a big hit too. We went on the Materhorn three times, Peter pan two times, Small World two times and Toy Story two times. I think that about sums up the favorites for the trip. Josh and his dad waited over an hour and a half in line for Splash Mountain as well as an hour for Space Mountain. Bradlee's "treasures". He got some Mickey Mouse sunglasses but when they are opened I call them his Harry Potter glasses. Grandpa and Grandma Turner got him the Woody and Jessie dolls. I think they were his favorite new toys.

We went to Sea World too.

And the beach. It was chilly and foggy. The pictures didn't turn out great, but it was fun. Josh is mad that I did not get in the water, but considering that his feet were numb, I think I was smart. Bradlee really liked to play in the water with daddy.