Friday, June 25, 2010

Birthday Weekend in Vegas

May 16th was my birthday and I turned 25. What's even better is that Jeff's birthday is the same day, but he turned 30. Those are some pretty big birthdays. This year, our wonderful spouses surprised us with a Las Vegas getaway. It totally caught me off guard, but it was the best weekend ever. They had a "pirate" theme and so Josh gave me a pirate hat and told me I had 25 minutes to get packed.

Here we are in the car after I just found out that this was a trip with our best friends.

In our Hotel room at the Treasure Island Casino

We got to experience many coke flavors from around the world at the Coke Factory. They were pretty good, except for one. These are our expressions after tasting the nasty one.

We went to the Tournament of Kings dinner and show. Melissa got us tickets in the Russia section. We had to eat the food with our hands (no silverware). We were each served a whole chicken (I think it was a cornish game hen) and boy was that fun to eat with my hands. We got to bang on the tables and eat while the horses flipped mud into our laps. What a great night.

Josh also made us reservations for couples massages. We had never done that before and it was amazing. I have the best husband ever and we have the best friends ever to be able to pull this off.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lost Party

The Bennett's got us hooked on the show LOST. I started watching it from the beginning while the final season was going on. I pretty much watched 6 seasons in two months. For the final episode, we had an awesome party to celebrate. It was very much LOST themed. Melissa and I did a great job and we had a very fun time.

The kids welcoming the new recruits (you have to watch the show to get that)

We all picked a character to be and had a name tag on with that characters name. Even the kids participated.

The Hatch (or the front door)

The food was amazing, as usual, when we get together. We are so proud of our spread.

The spread

ROOT Beer.