Wednesday, December 17, 2008


For christmas Josh's parents took the family to Disneyland. It was a very generous gift and we had such a fun time. Getting ready to fly
Bradlee's plane snacks

Comfy hotel bed

On our way to Disneyland

Finally here

That was one big christmas tree

Waiting to go on our first ride: Finding Nemo

On the Nemo ride

Meeting Minnie Mouse

In Minnie's house

Minnie's cute christmas tree
Meeting Mickey Mouse

We saw Winnie the Pooh

And Tigger too!

Look how happy Bradlee is. I have never seen him smile like that. He asked us for days about tigger and pooh and when we finally found them he was sooo excited
Sully from Monsters Inc

This is what Bradlee really wanted to buy: Baby Mickey

Prince Bradlee and his cousins at Ariels Grotto where we got to meet Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, Aurora, and Snow White. He actually wore that crown the whole time we were at the Grotto

And that was our amazing trip to Disneyland. I felt like a kid again and had a fun time seeing Bradlee having fun. Bradlee loved going on the Pirates of the Carribean ride as well as the Matterhorn (wierd that a two year old likes roller coasters).

For as much as I love taking pictures, I really didn't take that many. Hopefully Josh's dad will give me some that he took.

Friday, December 5, 2008

A cute shirt

Bradlee loves the Backyardigans right now, and we wanted to get him a shirt with their picture on it for Christmas. We have had a hard time finding one, so I decided that I could make him one. We bought iron on paper and printed a pictureof the Backyardigans from the internet. It turned out so cute. We had extra paper, so Josh had this great idea of t-shirts to make for Bradlee and his girlfriend, Brighton. This is how they turned out.
Isn't that the cutest thing ever? And Josh is very proud of his idea, too. (I think that we just found a new hobby.)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

First of all, we had some friends over to watch the BYU vs. Utah game. Bradlee's girlfriend, Brighton, supported the U and of course Bradlee supported the Y. I think the kids saw past the differences better than the Daddies. It was a fun game and we enjoyed the company.
With Thanksgiving here, Josh let me put up the Christmas decorations. I usually try to put them up right after halloween, but with the move we just got them up. I love Christmas time. I can now listen to Christmas music and feel the spirit of the season. And the best news of all is that I am done with Christmas shopping (I actually made all of the presents this year). Yeah!

Bradlee's favorite thing to do right now is drink cocoa (toe-toe) with Daddy. They drink it every night, I think. If we don't remember to make it, Bradlee kindly reminds us. How can we deny the kid his most favorite thing? Plus when he says "me, toe-toe" it is too cute. But he does have to drink it in a sippy cup with enough milk to cool it down.

And I finnally made the cookies Bradlee has wanted for so long. He asked me all the time for them, but I just wasn't ready to make them. When we finally did, he helped out with the stirring and the frosting and of course the eating. They were yummy!
Happy Holidays to everyone!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Another one

Two posts in one day can't be good, but here I am again. I have been trying to figure out if the brick walls that we are so lucky to have can be of any use. They are so hard to hang things on and don't look the best, but I was taking pictures today and found a new appreciation for them. When Bradlee sat by the wall (with the help of candy as a bribe), the pictures turned out pretty good (beside the fact that I have lost my touch at taking pictures) So here they are. Plus Bradlee is probably the cutest kid inthe world, so that helps.

The Move

We moved on a Monday. It rained all day and that was a bummer. We had to endure the rain as well as three flights of stairs. So moving turned out to be a drag, but NOW we are happy.

The apartment is two bedrooms. The only complaint is the size of the kitchen. Our stove is literally only 20 inches wide so most of our pans don't fit too well, but that's okay because now we have an excuse not to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving. Oh, and the fact that we have one kitchen sink. Not a double sink but ONE sink. Washing dishes is so hard and so I have to make sure to wash tiny batches all day long.
The joke is that our apartment looks like an IKEA ad. Now, if you haven't been to IKEA I highly recommend it, but be prepared to want ALL new furniture. My mother in law thinks it's funny to say that our next child will have IKEA for a middle name. That's how much I love IKEA. (maybe they will give me free furniture for naming my child after their store?) So, we have an IKEA couch, chair, microwave stand, bed frame, dresser, bathroom shelf, wall shelf, kitchen table and chairs,bookshelf, DVD holders, as well as many toys and kitchen accesories and other random items.

The living room

Bradlee loves our room. He even sleeps in our bed some mornings after he wakes up at 7 am.

Each bedroom has huge closets with built in shelves. I love the storage in this apartment. We also have a giant coat closet with built in shelves and a pantry type closet.

Bradlee hasn't quite gained an appreciation for his own room yet, but he does have his own now. We got him this seesaw thing from IKEA (ha) and he loves it.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Home

Well, I have been thinking about blogging for awhile now and with the help of my sister, here I am. (Melissa, are you so proud?) I am so slow at, but I will keep working on it.

UPDATE! We just moved to the Universtiy of Utah apartments. It is so nice to have seperate rooms and a kitchen. It does feel like a mansion for now, but I'm sure it will get that cramped feel before too long. Nonetheless, we love it here. The first time we came up here on moving day, Bradlee saw the playground that is literaly right outside our door and yelled, "Yeah, play." It was so cute.

One more story; Bradlee loves my moms friend Diane (he calls her Die-nine). Yesterday we were having company over and I asked him if he knew who was coming. He yelled Diane and ran to the door to see (of course it wasn't her though). It was too cute.