Monday, September 12, 2011


We went to Oktoberfest on Saturday with Josh's parents. It was a beautiful day and we had so much fun.

Riding the tram to the top of the mountain:
Alpine slide:



Bradlee and I went to the fair last week with some friends. We had so much fun. Bradlee has never been to the fair before and I think that we will now have to go every year.

Bradlee and his best buddy, Blake

There was this really cute activity for the kids where they learned about the process that food takes to grow, harvest and get to the store, etc. The kids got to assist in getting the products to the store, where they were then given money to buy a treat.

Milking a cow:

Picking an apple:

Planting a seed:

Driving a tractor:

Brushing a sheep:
Collecting an egg:

Bradlee LOVES when our clothes match his. Josh and Bradlee have a very similar outfit that Bradlee loves when they wear together.

And just beacuse he is so cute!


Our summer has been pretty boring, but here are a few pictures.

Swimming Lessons:

Playing at the park:

Tracy Aviary:

Spartan Race for Josh: