Monday, May 23, 2011

I had my 26th birthday this year. (Did anyone else really dread turning 26?) My awesome friends from the playground threw me a little "party". It was so fun, but the best part was when we told the kids that the cake and icecream was only for the moms. I can still picture the screaming that ensued.

Brigitte, me, Laura B, Jamie and Nova
Laura T and me- she made me some amazing eggrolls. She is awesome!

The AMAZING cake made by Laura B. I love owls and I loved this cake!


Bradlee really wants summer to get her so that he can go swimming. So, we improvised and had an indoor swimming party.


Bradlee played t-ball and had a really fun time. Plus, he looked so cute out there!

March 2011

Yes, we did it again. We went to Disneyland! This time we took Grandma and Grandpa Johnson.

For the first time EVER, we got a family picture in front of the castle with absolutly no one else it the background. The only disappointing thing about the picture is that I only has my point and shoot, not my nice camera. Oh well.

The rest of the month consisted of going to the zoo:

And weather that couldn't make up its mind. One day it would be warm enough to go somewhere without evena jacket:

Then, we would have so much snow coming down that we could UNPACK our winter coats and go sledding and build a snowman: