Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Update time

I think that it is about time to update. I kindof just skipped right over spring break so we will start there. We decided to go back to Disneyland because Bradlee had such a fun time when we
went in December. He had a great time again!!
Bradlee loved meeting Captain Hook. Peter Pan is his favorite Disney movie right now.

Chip (or Dale) was very cute. He rubbed his head against Bradlee's face and it was so cute.

Bradlee really enjoyed the rides that let you "fly".

It's a small world was a big hit too. We went on the Materhorn three times, Peter pan two times, Small World two times and Toy Story two times. I think that about sums up the favorites for the trip. Josh and his dad waited over an hour and a half in line for Splash Mountain as well as an hour for Space Mountain. Bradlee's "treasures". He got some Mickey Mouse sunglasses but when they are opened I call them his Harry Potter glasses. Grandpa and Grandma Turner got him the Woody and Jessie dolls. I think they were his favorite new toys.

We went to Sea World too.

And the beach. It was chilly and foggy. The pictures didn't turn out great, but it was fun. Josh is mad that I did not get in the water, but considering that his feet were numb, I think I was smart. Bradlee really liked to play in the water with daddy.

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Liz said...

There were some great pictures looks like lots of fun...