Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lost Party

The Bennett's got us hooked on the show LOST. I started watching it from the beginning while the final season was going on. I pretty much watched 6 seasons in two months. For the final episode, we had an awesome party to celebrate. It was very much LOST themed. Melissa and I did a great job and we had a very fun time.

The kids welcoming the new recruits (you have to watch the show to get that)

We all picked a character to be and had a name tag on with that characters name. Even the kids participated.

The Hatch (or the front door)

The food was amazing, as usual, when we get together. We are so proud of our spread.

The spread

ROOT Beer.


AdamAndMelaine said...

This is so awesome! What creative gals! I watched the first 5 seasons kind of the same way--within a few months...but I havent watched the last yet! Am I crazy or what? And now I hear that everyone is dead at the end and I'm wondering I should even start!

Nova said...

You guys are way too creative! :)

Liz said...

Looks delicious and like lots of fun!!!

Julie said...

K this rocks! If you ever want to redo, I'll join! I take it you finished all the seasons:)