Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In January, Bradlee and I were able to go to Arizona with Grandma and Grandpa Turner. 

On the way down, Bradlee thought this tiny palm tree was awesome.

Standing by a Joshua tree.

We went to Krispy Kremes and watched the doughnuts being made.

In Vegas, we got frozen hot chocolate at Serendipities.  Bradlee loved it; too bad it cost $10.00 for a small.

While in Arizona, Josh's Grandpa was kind enough to let Bradlee and I attend the dinner theater with the family.  We saw Brigadoon and Bradlee really enjoyed it. 

I think he liked the ice cream more though.

 Grandpa Turner treated us to our first helicopter ride at the Hoover dam.  Bradlee wanted to sit in the front by the pilot and he thought that was the coolest thing he has ever done.

 And we walked across the new bridge at the Hoover Dam.  Kindof freaky!

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Julia Harding said...

I can't believe how big he is getting! Such a cute kid!