Monday, November 17, 2008

Another one

Two posts in one day can't be good, but here I am again. I have been trying to figure out if the brick walls that we are so lucky to have can be of any use. They are so hard to hang things on and don't look the best, but I was taking pictures today and found a new appreciation for them. When Bradlee sat by the wall (with the help of candy as a bribe), the pictures turned out pretty good (beside the fact that I have lost my touch at taking pictures) So here they are. Plus Bradlee is probably the cutest kid inthe world, so that helps.


Candice :) said...

I would have to agree, you have one cute son! I'm sure you'll make your walls work! I'll have to come see them! :)We miss you guys! It was great to see you this weekend!

Gold-E said...

Try using 3M's velcro picture hanging stuff. No nails required - just stick it to the wall! They have hooks too. The best ever!