Monday, November 17, 2008

The Move

We moved on a Monday. It rained all day and that was a bummer. We had to endure the rain as well as three flights of stairs. So moving turned out to be a drag, but NOW we are happy.

The apartment is two bedrooms. The only complaint is the size of the kitchen. Our stove is literally only 20 inches wide so most of our pans don't fit too well, but that's okay because now we have an excuse not to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving. Oh, and the fact that we have one kitchen sink. Not a double sink but ONE sink. Washing dishes is so hard and so I have to make sure to wash tiny batches all day long.
The joke is that our apartment looks like an IKEA ad. Now, if you haven't been to IKEA I highly recommend it, but be prepared to want ALL new furniture. My mother in law thinks it's funny to say that our next child will have IKEA for a middle name. That's how much I love IKEA. (maybe they will give me free furniture for naming my child after their store?) So, we have an IKEA couch, chair, microwave stand, bed frame, dresser, bathroom shelf, wall shelf, kitchen table and chairs,bookshelf, DVD holders, as well as many toys and kitchen accesories and other random items.

The living room

Bradlee loves our room. He even sleeps in our bed some mornings after he wakes up at 7 am.

Each bedroom has huge closets with built in shelves. I love the storage in this apartment. We also have a giant coat closet with built in shelves and a pantry type closet.

Bradlee hasn't quite gained an appreciation for his own room yet, but he does have his own now. We got him this seesaw thing from IKEA (ha) and he loves it.


Anonymous said...

I Love Ur new Place!! Its sooo Cute! I also am an IKEA freak! :) So we should go sometime!!

audge8 said...

Megan- I love it!! I really wanted to come see it before Disneyland--but I guess Disneyland is here so we will have to come see it after! See you at the airport!